Early College Academy

Albuquerque Public Schools

The Early College Academy (ECA) focuses on preparing for the future, one student at a time, connecting them to high-skill/high-wage careers through dual enrollment in college courses. Dual Enrollment is the centerpiece strategy to improve college access and the successful transition of students from secondary to post-secondary education. The Career Enrichment Center (CEC) is a magnet school academy model that provides opportunities for advanced, in-depth learning. Students from all Albuquerque high schools can choose unique courses from a variety of career areas, including medicine, computers, engineering, health, languages, business, and CTE courses including vocational classes. The ECA is also a college-prep magnet high school with classes scheduled in the morning so that students may take CEC, UNM, or CNM classes in the afternoon. UNM and CNM classes may apply toward an Associate or four-year degree.

Contact Information

Physical Address Principal
807 Mountain Road NE, Albuquerque, NM 87102 Patrick Arguellas
[email protected]
Mailing Address School Counselor
807 Mountain Road NE, Albuquerque, NM 87102 Lynn Ramsey
[email protected]
Phone Website
505-247-3658 https://cec.aps.edu/

Albuquerque Public Schools

Physical Address Superintendent
6400 Uptown Blvd. NE Albuquerque NM 87110 Raquel Reedy
Mailing Address County
P.O. Box 25704, Albuquerque NM 87125-0704 Bernalillio
Phone Website
505-880-3700 http://www.aps.edu/

ECHS Overview

ECHS Model Enrollment – Initial Year

Initial Year Enrollment 2017-2018
Grade 9 = 47
Grade 10 = 59
Grade 11 = 42
Grade 12 = 39

Postsecondary Partners Enrollment – Previous
Central New Mexico Community College, University of New Mexico

Previous Enrollment 2017-2018
Grade 9 = 47
Grade 10 = 59
Grade 11 = 42
Grade 12 = 39

Postsecondary Certificates Enrollment – Projected

Projected Enrollment 2018-2019
Grade 9 =
Grade 10 =
Grade 11 =
Grade 12 =

Postsecondary Degrees - Associate’s

ECHS Designation Status Documents

Overview of ECHS Design
Pathway Descriptions
Supporting Documents
Students Served
Outreach and Recruitment Process
CNM APS Dual Credit Agreement
UNM DUAL Credit Agreement
MOA with CNM
Health South Agreement
UNMH Agreement
Sustainability Plan
Tribal Leader APS
Tribal Consultations
IEA Policy and Procedure
APPENDIX B: ECHS Information Sheet
APPENDIX C: Next Step for Auto
APPENDIX C: Next Step for Cosmetology
APPENDIX C: Next Step for Nursing
Master Schedule CEC
Master Schedule ECA

ECHS Toolkit


Guidance for school districts for the development of Early College High Schools

ECHS Best Practices


View Best Practices of current participating Early College High Schools in New Mexico

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