Early College High School

Roswell Independent School District

Early College High School in Roswell is a freestanding ECHS that operates on the campus of ENMU-R. Students apply for enrollment in the Spring of their 8th grade year and begin at ECHS in the Fall of their Freshman year. During year 1, students focus primarily on completing Freshman and Sophomore core requirements, plus 1 dual enrollment computer elective per semester. During year 2, students complete their remaining Junior and Senior core graduation requirements, plus a dual enrollment communications and dual enrollment student success elective. The bell schedule is a traditional 4×4 block, consisting of four 90-minute class periods per day, allowing students to complete a year-long course in one semester. After successful completion of Years 1 and 2 requirements, students begin to focus almost completely on college course-work in their chosen pathway.

Contact Information

Physical Address Principal
25 W. Martin Street, Roswell, NM, 88203 LaShawn Byrd
[email protected]
Mailing Address School Counselor
25 W. Martin Street, Roswell, NM, 88203 Dusty Lewis
[email protected]
Phone Website
575-624-7020 http://risd.k12.nm.us/schools/high/echs/index.cfm

Roswell Independent School District

Physical Address Superintendent
300 N. Kentucky, Roswell, NM, 88201 Dr. Ann McIlroy
Mailing Address County
300 N. Kentucky, Roswell, NM, 88201 Chaves
Phone Website
575-627-2500 https://www.risd.k12.nm.us/

ECHS Overview

ECHS Model Enrollment – Initial Year

Initial Year Enrollment 2017-2018
Grade 9 = 63
Grade 10 = 41
Grade 11 = 27
Grade 12 = 13

Postsecondary Partners Enrollment – Previous
Eastern New Mexico University - Roswell

Previous Enrollment 2017-2018
Grade 9 = 63
Grade 10 = 41
Grade 11 = 27
Grade 12 = 13

Postsecondary Certificates Enrollment – Projected
FAA Testing Eligibility Certificate, Certificate of Employability, basic and advanced (Automotive, Welding, Construction, Graphic Design, Computer Application, Emergency Medical Technician, Certificate of Occupational Training (Automotive, Computer Application, Architecture, Surveying, Medical Assisting, Certificate of Automotive Brakes, Level 1

Projected Enrollment 2018-2019
Grade 9 = 50
Grade 10 = 63
Grade 11 = 41
Grade 12 = 27

Postsecondary Degrees - Associate’s
AAS/Aviation Maintenance Technology; AAS/Automotive Technology

ECHS Designation Status Documents

Assurances Signature Letter
Designation Request
Assurances Letter Signed
Automotive Tech NSP
Aviation NSP
Computer Applications NSP
Construction NSP
Criminal Justice NSP
ECHS Designation Rubric Roswell final 4.11.19
ECHS Workforce MOU
Engineering Design NSP
Media Arts NSP
Respiratory Therapist NSP
Welding Tech NSP

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