Los Alamos Early College and Career Academy

Los Alamos Public Schools

The Los Alamos Early College and Career Academy (LAECCA) supports students in early access to post‐secondary training allowing them to graduate from high school with college credentials and credits in addition to their high school diploma. By linking early high school student experiences with partners in higher education and workforce leaders, LAECCA provides a seamless transition from high school to college and a solid foundation of workplace readiness. LAECCA emphasizes three pathways of post‐secondary study: electro‐mechanical technology, business marketing, and emergency medical services. LAECCA students can earn college certifications and substantial credits towards an associate’s degree. The University of New Mexico‐Los LAECCA students have access to supports through a dedicated LAECCA guidance counselor and faculty advisors throughout the school day; students can take the “Accelerated College and Career Readiness” (ACCR) course offered by the high school faculty but taught on the college campus. This seminar course is designed to prepare students for university level coursework and familiarize them with the college setting and expectations of higher education.

Contact Information

Physical Address Principal
1300 Diamond Dr. Los Alamos, NM, 87544 Carter Pain
[email protected]
Mailing Address School Counselor
1300 Diamond Dr. Los Alamos, NM, 87544 Cristin Haake
[email protected]
Phone Website
505-663-2510 http://laschools.net/lahs/

Los Alamos Public Schools

Physical Address Superintendent
2075 Trinity Dr, Los Alamos, NM 87544 Dr. Kurt Steinhaus
Mailing Address County
P.O. Box, Los Alamos, NM 87544 Los Alamos
Phone Website
505-663-2222 http://laschools.net/lahs/

ECHS Overview

ECHS Model Enrollment – Initial Year

Initial Year Enrollment 2017-2018
Grade 9 = 13
Grade 10 = 13
Grade 11 = 19
Grade 12 = 14

Postsecondary Partners Enrollment – Previous
University of New Mexico - Los Alamos

Previous Enrollment 2017-2018
Grade 9 = 13
Grade 10 = 13
Grade 11 = 19
Grade 12 = 14

Postsecondary Certificates Enrollment – Projected
Electro-Mechanical Technologies; Business Marketing; Emergency Medical Services (prep for National EMT exam for certification)

Projected Enrollment 2018-2019
Grade 9 = 15
Grade 10 = 15
Grade 11 = 13
Grade 12 = 19

Postsecondary Degrees - Associate’s

ECHS Designation Status Documents

LAPS ECHS Application
LAECCA Catalog
Career Exploration Flyer
Next Step Plan Emergency Medical Technician
Next Step Plan Electro Mechanical
Next Step Plan Marketing
LEACCA Brochure
LAPS Appendix B-C (1)
LAPS Appendix D (2)
LAPS Appendix E-F (3)
LAPS Appendix G-H-I-J (4)

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