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Peñasco Independent Schools

Peñasco High School (PHS) seeks to ensure that every student graduates with the training, skills, and workforce recognized credentials to either go into high wage, high demand careers or attend an institution of higher learning. PHS operates as a RISE ECHS program using the academy model, with courses taken at the Northern New Mexico College (NNMC) and support personnel on staff to aid students academically. The principle component of the RISE ECHS is the dual enrollment program where students are transported by bus to NNMC, PHS’s higher-education partner. Through this early college high school program, PHS is serving, and will continue to serve, its many students receive a rigorous and rewarding education to serve as a foundation for the academic and occupational future.

Contact Information

Physical Address Principal
13 School Road, Peñasco, NM, 87553 Marina Lopez
[email protected]
575-587-2230, ext. 1001
Mailing Address School Counselor
P.O. Box 520, Peñasco, NM, 87553 Pauline Laumbach
[email protected]
575-587-2230, ext. 1002
Phone Website
575-587-2230 https://www.penascoisd.com/

Peñasco Independent Schools

Physical Address Superintendent
13 School Road, Peñasco, NM, 87553 Marvin MacAuley
Mailing Address County
P.O. Box 520, Peñasco, NM, 87553 Taos
Phone Website
575-587-2230 http://taosacademy.org/

ECHS Overview

ECHS Model Enrollment – Initial Year

Initial Year Enrollment 2017-2018
Grade 9 =
Grade 10 = 8
Grade 11 = 6
Grade 12 = 5

Postsecondary Partners Enrollment – Previous
Northern New Mexico College

Previous Enrollment 2017-2018
Grade 9 =
Grade 10 = 8
Grade 11 = 6
Grade 12 = 5

Postsecondary Certificates Enrollment – Projected

Projected Enrollment 2018-2019
Grade 9 = 1
Grade 10 = 6
Grade 11 = 12
Grade 12 = 6

Postsecondary Degrees - Associate’s
AA/Liberal Arts, emphasis in Psychology

ECHS Designation Status Documents

Revision Application Early College High School Designation 4-2-19
Course Catalog
MOU Post Secondary
Education and Law Pathway
Medical and Social Work Pathway

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