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Ruidoso Municipal Schools

The Ruidoso Early College Academy (RECA) serves to educate students and them with the guidance and support to help them narrow down their post-secondary options and identify an engaging career pathway. RECA will operate as an academy within the Ruidoso High School comprehensive high school campus and align with degree and certificate programs offered through Eastern New Mexico University – Ruidoso. RECA is able to provide wrap-around supports to students in their pursuits and assist in a layered learning approach by providing a full-time, certified instructor who not only teaches the introductory college classes during the 10th grade year, but runs a learning lab to assist students in taking their Blackboard-based classes which provides a place for group-studying and tutoring needs. This structure allows the students to have success in their pathway as they have daily support in navigating their college classes, both academic and vocational, as well as a solid foundation starting their sophomore year in how to be a successful college student. RECA provides programs such as Welding Technology, Wildland Fire, Emergency Medical Technician, Information Systems, and other programs as developed through ENMU-Ruidoso.

Contact Information

Physical Address Principal
125 Warrior Dr. Ruidoso, NM, 88345 Cody Patterson
[email protected]
Mailing Address School Counselor
125 Warrior Dr. Ruidoso, NM, 88345 Gretchen Chase
[email protected]
Phone Website

Ruidoso Municipal Schools

Physical Address Superintendent
200 Horton Circle, Ruidoso, NM 88345 Dr. George Bickert
Mailing Address County
200 Horton Circle, Ruidoso, NM 88345 Lincoln
Phone Website

ECHS Overview

ECHS Model Enrollment – Initial Year

Initial Year Enrollment 2017-2018
Grade 9 = 29
Grade 10 = 31
Grade 11 = 35
Grade 12 = 35

Postsecondary Partners Enrollment – Previous
Eastern New Mexico University - Ruidoso

Previous Enrollment 2017-2018
Grade 9 = 29
Grade 10 = 31
Grade 11 = 35
Grade 12 = 35

Postsecondary Certificates Enrollment – Projected

Projected Enrollment 2018-2019
Grade 9 = 45
Grade 10 = 29
Grade 11 = 31
Grade 12 = 35

Postsecondary Degrees - Associate’s

ECHS Designation Status Documents

Part 1: ECHS Designation Application
Part 2: Ruidoso ECHS Course Catalog
Part 3: Assurance Letter, MOU, Workforce Partner Agreement
Part 4: Sample NSP with Aligned Credential Plan
Part 5: More Samples- NSP with Aligned Credential Plan
Part 6: Course Listing with Stars Codes
Part 7: Master Schedule, College Course, Tribal Consultation Affirmation

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