NS4ed extends its heartfelt condolences to the ECHS-NM Community. We were saddened to learn of the tragic death of
Dr. Karen Trujillo. We know she positively impacted the lives of many through her work with PED and Las Cruces Public Schools.
We are thinking of you at this very difficult time.

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New Mexico
Early College High School

Educator Toolkit, Research, and Best Practices

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Best administrative practice refers to the “wide range of individual activities, policies, and procedures to achieve positive results that benefit a student, program, or an organization” according to David Arendale of the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

Arrowhead Park Early College High School and Medical Academy recently shared a new approach they designed to positively benefit their students.


Early college high schools use a transformational strategy of bringing college into high school by simultaneously offering a high school diploma and a college-level credential and/or degree. The schools are tuition-free and expose all students to rigorous academics and career technical education coursework. They focus on low-income youth, first-generation college-goers, English Language Learners, ethnically diverse students, and other young people underrepresented in higher education. Programming includes meaningful work-based learning experiences that align to dynamic sectors of New Mexico’s economy and a structured CTE sequence that leads to credentials recognized by business and industry.

Program Evaluation Unit / New Mexico Legislative Finance Committee

The Costs and Benefits of Early College High School

Smoothing the Transition to Post-Secondary Education: The Impact of the Early College Model

The Lasting Benefit of Early College High Schools



Icon showing balanced scale1. Equitable Access


targeting underrepresented students in higher education


Icon showing balanced scale2. Academic Pathways


that are well integrated and aligned with college and career


Icon showing balanced scale3. Robust Student Support


in both academics and advising


Icon showing balanced scale4. Connections to Career


through workplace and experiential learning experiences


Icon showing balanced scale5. High-Quality and Deep Partnerships


between high schools and colleges


Icon showing balanced scale6. Exceptional Leadership Skills


to guide our students to success.


This manual reviews information pertaining to early college high schools from a national and state perspective. An examination of past practices is outlined that leads into current approaches to early college high school models and terminology. State-specific procedures for developing an early college high school are described with additional information on state-based business and community partnerships that have been established within the New Mexico Early College High School system.  Included in this Manual:  

  • History and Purpose of Early College High Schools 
  • The Language of Early College High Schools 
  • How Well Early College High Schools are Doing Nationwide 
  • Best Practices Nationwide 
  • New Mexico’s Early College High Schools 
  • Beginning an Early College High School in New Mexico 
  • Business and Community Partnerships 
  • College and University Community Partnerships 
  • New Mexico – The Podcasts

New Mexico Career Pathways Resources

New Mexico Career Pathways displays regional labor market information for school districts organized around the National Career Clusters Framework. Access simple interactive tools that can be used to explore population data for each district and identify local high-value career destinations for students. To assist with the use and application of labor market information, multiple professional development resources are offered that outline basic labor market terms and strategies in the context of educational processes.

NM - Career Pathways

An innovative approach to labor market information for educators

Regional Quarterly Reports

Quarterly reports on local labor market trends and their relevance to the state’s education system

Explore Your Region

Gain awareness of the top career clusters and pathways that offer high-value career destinations for student

ECHS - Podcasts

Early College High School Model and how it is being implemented in New Mexico

Explore Career Clusters

Preview the 16 Career Clusters and the local regional labor market dynamics within your school district

New Mexico — ECHS

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