College and Career High School

The College and Career High School (CCHS) was established to strengthen school choice options and accelerate student learning by establishing an Early College High School (ECHS). CCHS’s mission is dual degree attainment, improved graduation rates, optimized college and career readiness experiences, and accelerated postsecondary achievement. All students attending CCHS are on the ECHS pathway, and attend classes on a double block schedule, completing the four core classes (Math, English, Science, Social Studies) over the course of the school year. This allows students to have greater access to their college classes with CCHS’s higher-education partner Central New Mexico Community College (CNM). In pursuit of student success, academically and occupationally, CCHS provides support to students in pathway selection, based upon student choice. All associate degree pathway and/or professional certification programs are provided through CNM.


School District

Albuquerque Public Schools

School Website

School Address

EC Building 940 University SE; Albuquerque, NM 87106 


Leigh Cavazos-Galvez

School Phone



Yesenia Beltran

Programs of Study

Student choice as aligned with CNM Programs of Study

Postsecondary Partner

Central New Mexico Community College (CNM)

Postsecondary Degrees/Certificates

Associate of Arts
Associate of Science
Associate of Applied Science

Certificate of Designation

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