High-Quality and Deep Partnerships Resources

High-Quality and Deep Partnerships Resources

Building Cross-Sector Partnerships to Support Career and Technical Education Pathways

Access and read a playbook for state policymakers developed by ExcelinEd.

How High Schools and Colleges Can Team Up to Use Data and Increase Student Success

This report is part of a series that encourages high schools and higher education to share responsibility for improving college completion rates by co-designing, co-delivering, and co-validating supportive experiences for all 12th-grade students through the first year of college.

Points of View: Effective Partnerships Between K-12 and Higher Education

In this issue of “Points of View,” published by Cell Biology Education, several articles address the question “How do we construct effective partnerships between K-12 education and higher education?”

Breaking Down Silos to Put Students on the Path to Success

This report, prepared by Ernst & Young LLP, calls attention to the opportunity for Massachusetts to break down silos by embracing a strategy for postsecondary success: to expand high-quality early college high schools across the state, by inviting educators from both K-12 and higher education to come forward with jointly designed school models.

Powerful Partners: Businesses and Community Colleges - How Investments in Sector Partnerships Can Help Our Economy Thrive

To help more individuals access the training they need to succeed in the current labor market, employers across a range of industries have been partnering with community college leaders and other stakeholders to remove barriers to success and provide flexible career pathways for millions of Americans. By working together, these industry-driven partnerships—sometimes referred to as sector partnerships—can provide innovative course curriculum, professional development, and support services to individuals looking to build marketable skill sets. This report reviews several case studies and recommends policy.