Robust Student Support Resources

Resources to Support and Implement Early College High School Programs

5 Things You Can Do to Support First-Generation College Students

This Education Post article, by Caitlyn James Homol and David J. Johns, shares five ways you can help ensure first generation post-secondary student success.

Supporting Students in a College Class: The P-Tech 9-14 Model Tool

This report contains a detailed list of ways to effectively support students taking college courses.

How High Schools and Colleges Can Team Up to Use Data and Increase Student Success

This report is part of a series that encourages high schools and higher education to share responsibility for improving college completion rates by co-designing, co-delivering, and co-validating supportive experiences for all 12th-grade students through the first year of college.

Breaking the Boundaries Between High School and College: How to Scale Success for Low-Income Students

This research article reports on ways to scale the proven early college high school model.