Robust Student Support

Enhancing Student Support

Designated programs should incorporate sufficient wraparound services to promote academic success and completion, taking into consideration the needs of diverse populations of students. ECHS programs are encouraged to develop student support in consideration of the whole student, in contemplation of student development broadly, development of academic proficiency and support related to barriers faced both externally and with regard to academics.

For academic support, the curriculum should include a system of student support including, but not limited to, teacher contact, tutoring, study groups, review sessions, homework guidance, summer sessions, learning labs, skill development classes, staged course sequencing, and peer-based student support groups.

For career and academic counseling, student supports such as career and academic counseling, college planning sessions, college application and funding workshops, linkage with business mentors including workplace experiences, academic development tracking and review, and increased exposure to post-secondary institutions and processes should be considered.

In all of these support systems, parent participation should be encouraged.


Robust Student Support resources to Support and Implement Early College High School Programs.

ECHS Toolkit

Information pertaining to early college high schools from a national and state perspective.


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