Summer Leadership Series

Join Hasan Davis, J.D. and Dr. Joseph Goins as they facilitate virtual seminars with experienced early college leaders. Each of the six, hour-long seminars focuses on important principles of early college design and will be interactive, with discussion around research and best practice. The goal: to develop a professional learning community where participants support and learn from one another.

Dr. Goins

July 7 – Seminar 1: Leadership as Core to Early College Programs
In this first seminar, participants will network to share, discuss, and strengthen results-based leadership skills.

July 21 – Seminar 2: Equitable Access
In this session, our focus will be on engaging underrepresented students in higher education.

August 4 – Seminar 3: Guided Academic Pathways
Integrating and aligning academic pathways with college and career will be the topic of our third seminar.

August 18 – Seminar 4: Enhanced Student Support
Discussion focuses on research and best practice to support students in both academics and advising.

September 1 – Seminar 5: Connection to Career
In this seminar, the topic centers around connecting students to careers through workplace and experiential learning.

September 15 – Seminar 6: Effective Partnerships
Leadership in today’s highly complex environment requires the ability to develop strong, collaborative partnerships between high schools and colleges. Understanding and building accountability within these partnerships will be the focus of our final session.