New Mexico ECHS — EIR Grant Submission

Title: NMECHS Opening Doors, Expanding Vistas

Absolute Priorities: AP 1, Moderate Evidence and AP 2, Field-initiated Innovations – General

Students Served: 9,600

Grade Levels: 9th through 12 grades

High-need students: low-income youth, first-generation college-goers, racially and ethnically diverse students, and others underrepresented in higher education.

Description: Currently, ECHSs in NM show strong student outcomes. NMPED proposes to replicate and scale-up the ECHS model to 24 additional schools. The new ECHSs will be structured as schools-within-their-own high schools, i.e. academies with college-level courses and instructors. This will yield greater cost efficiencies and enrollment interest from high-need students. Business surveys during planning will assure academies align with local workforce needs.

Project objectives and outcomes: Recruitment of 24 schools, a minimum of one academy per school; postsecondary and business partners; application to NMPED successful and school is designated ECHS; expansion of the Technical Resource Center, principal leadership training; recruitment and enrollment of high-need student population reflecting district student percentages; career-focused curricula with authentic problem-based learning; students complete workplace experiences; students earn college credits, associate’s degrees and/or industry certifications; the project builds an off-campus college culture in the high school.

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